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Rediscover ocular rehabilitation with an innovative and playful approach ! Use a virtual reality headset to immerse yourself in Eyesoft's 3D universe.

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Your eyes muscles disorders

Responsible for headaches, blurred vision, eye strain or visual discomfort, oculomotor disorders are often overlooked. Without information, you may be lost in your treatment pathway to identify the origin of this discomfort.

Who should i consult ?

Orthoptists, opticians and ophthalmologists: all visual health professionals are able to provide you with information or to guide you towards a complete treatment adapted to encountered troubles.

When should i consult ?

If you feel eye strain or repeated headaches, consulting an eye care professional can detect possible muscle disorders that can be treated with rehabilitation.

How ?

With a health professional equipped with an Eyesoft solution, you will discover an innovative approach for an immersive and playful medical experience !

What you need to know

Complete care

An orthoptic rehabilitation session performed with Eyesoft EMAA®, a solution covered by social welfare (reimbursed like an appointment with your doctor).

Eyesoft's practitioners

*Eyesoft est aussi présent dans les DOM-TOM

What they say

Finally an easy, effective and fun rehabilitation method for orthoptists. Following neck pain caused by a convergence problem, I was lucky enough to be able to test this new approach with a 3D helmet, supervised by a very good practitioner. My first “traditional” experience, a year earlier, had not been effective. I’m wearing glasses and I did not appreciate the friction of practitioner’s ruler on my corrective lenses. Thanks to Eyesoft, i felt results very quickly: in less than 4 sessions, no more pain.

Eric. B


I just finished my sessions with the helmet and it worked perfectly, comfort is pretty good and it gives results without using strange instruments that we usually find.

Nicolas R.