Virtual reality and eye tracking dedicated to visual health

Complete solutions for prevention, monitoring and rehabilitation to improve the care and treatment of all visual health professionals: opthalmologists, orthoptists and opticians.

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Orthoptiste Opticien


New patented technology to take over patients

Combining virtual reality and eye tracking, Eyesoft offers to the beneficiaries of its solutions a unique and playful experience in a 3D environment increasing their involvement. For health professionals, the use of Eyesoft software is simple, fast and ergonomic and offers a clear, objective and non-operator-dependent analysis of results.

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For whom?

An adapted solution to each health professional

  • Orthoptists & ophthalmologists

  • Opticians

  • Other health professionals

Orthoptists & ophthalmologists

EMAA® in the office supports practitioners

Combined with a virtual reality headset, EMAA Pro and EMAA Pro 2 softwares offer a complete interface in order to achieve an orthoptic assessment and various exercises for rehabilitation. Available as an option, EMAA Home allows the practice of telecare.

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With EMAA®, prevention becomes fun

EMAA Check enables opticians to participate in the early identification of oculomotor disorders. In cooperation with other health professionals, our software facilitates customer's care pathway within the visual sector.

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Other health professionals

EMAA® solutions improves patients care

EMAA®'s range of software permit an early identification of oculomotor disorders. They allow all health professionals to optimise patient orientation. They will perfectly fit in medical centres and pharmacies.

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How does it work?

The Eyesoft universe

A practitioner interface

Our platform is completely secured and can be accessed online from any computer. You will be able to monitor in real time and record performed tests.

A virtual reality headset

Patients are going through an immersive and playful experience. Equipped with an eye tracker, our headset give the opportunity to analyse eye movements in live.

A fun 3D environment

Our fully immersive spatial environment (with muscial atmosphere) designed for EMAA® is satisfying and very attractive.

About us

Who are we?

Eyesoft est une entreprise innovante issue des sphères de l’e-santé et de la vision, fondée en 2018 par Audrey Persillon et Thomas Didier, tous deux professionnels de la santé visuelle depuis 15 ans.

“Notre volonté est d’améliorer la prise en charge des patients et leur parcours de soins par les professionnels de la santé visuelle : ophtalmologistes, orthoptistes et opticiens.”

Nous attachons une grande importance au développement de dispositifs conformes à la réglementation européenne et au RGPD (protection des données personnelles), garantissant la fiabilité et la qualité de nos produits.

La R&D étant le cœur de métier d’Eyesoft, nos solutions sont en constante évolution. Nous souhaitons avant tout fournir des outils répondant parfaitement aux besoins des professionnels : nous sommes vraiment ouverts aux idées, aux retours d’expérience et aux suggestions !

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